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"Bring Energy to life with Ynni Da"

Ynni Da has been supporting schools with energy workshops, numeracy & data opportunities, and inspiring educational support since 2011. Click the tabs below for an outline of our popular workshops.



Ynni Da offers a fantastic energy experience for pupils and students of all ages.
Be part of this wonderful exploration into energy , build and experiment with wonderful renewable energy resources.

This one day experience will give the school and pupils a wealth of numeracy and literacy experiments and also enables you to reach Eco-schools requirements in energy.

All data gathered will be presented back to the school in a colourful report.

Bring Energy to life with Ynni Da

Ever wondered how noisy the class room is? How loud does it get in the school hall?

Well look no further than this one day light and sound experience.

From understanding how the human body senses light and sound to experimenting with the latest measuring devices, Ynni Da will give your pupils an opportunity to gather unique data from your school grounds.

Sounds wonderful!

Become weather watchers and collect real time data from your school grounds.
Ynni Da offer schools the opportunity to measure weather using state of the art devices and an opportunity to share with a national forecast service.

Ynni Da will equip your pupils with the skills to measure and understand weather and how the climate is changing. The day will consist of using/erecting weather devices and ensure that pupils have the skills to measure the weather.

The day will consist of looking at weather features and extreme weather from across the world.
The pupils will then work as a team to create their own School Weather forecast using green screen technology.

Saving energy can be fun and keep you fit.

Why not hold your very own Eco School/Community Party with this unique Pedal power experience?

All the energy needs for the disco, will be produced by pedaling our bikes.

This gives the pupils an understanding of the energy requirements needed to run a disco. Furthermore, all pupils will measure their pulse rates before and after their pedaling.

The school will receive data on:
a) Amount of energy generated
b) Distance pedalled
c) Calories/lumps of sugar burned
d) Heart rate

Celebrating a Roald Dahl or Heroes and Villains?

Why not hold an afternoon of films and enter into a fantasy world where we all have super powers. Super Pedal Powers!

Dress up as your favorite character and sit back and enjoy a film of your choice, while pupils power the film on our magical bikes!

Learn how electricity is made and understand the numeracy skills needed to be a real life electrician. Through exciting activities, pupils will design create and test real electrical circuits using tools and techniques that electricians use in their work.

Pupils will finish off by creating their very own buzzer circuit game to test their fellow pupils and teachers coordination and skills.

Sparks will fly!!

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